Yoga Classes & Session Types


Privates and Small Group Sessions

One 2 One 

Semi-Private - Two 2 One / Three 2 One /Four 2 One

Group (Matwork) Class 

Pregnancy and Post-natal


Corporate Clients


Meditation / Yoga Nidra

The Sanskrit word yoga is translated as yoke or 'union' to join or oneness between mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is a system of philosophy that originated in India 5,000 years ago and everyone can practise yoga, regardless of age, sex or ability. It offers a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, which can provide us with the ‘tools’ to cope with the challenges of daily life. Yoga can also complement medical science and therapy for specific conditions.

There are many styles of Hatha Yoga around today. The instructions given in my classes are based on experiences with the Classical Yoga Tradition. Helping to maintain, fitness, suppleness and muscle tone. Central to its practice is the gentle control and use of the breath to raise energy, whilst maintaining calm and inner peace. Visualisation and meditation are used to improve work, relaxation and sleep.

I try to integrate modern living with spiritual precepts and practices and believe Yoga can enable us to create self awareness, acceptance and compassion for living a full and spiritual life.

By making yoga a part of your daily routine, you may become aware of subtle changes in your approach to life. You may begin to glimpse a state of inner peace, a sense of joy ......your true Nature.

Mary has been practiing Yoga for over 38 years and teaching for over 27 years.  She obtained a Teacher Training, Yoga  Remedial Training and then an Ayurveda Certification with Yoga for Health Foundation (UK), before completing The British Wheel of Yoga Diploma.  She is registered with Yoga Teachers of Australia as a Senior Level 3 Teacher and as a Yoga Therapist with the Australian Association of Yoga Therapist inc. and is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Associaton of  Yoga Therapists. 

Since 1992, she has been a student of Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj.  Under Swamiji’s guidance she is able to explore and develop yoga, meditation and healing practices further, incorporating the physical and spiritual aspects into her life.