About me

Hi my name is Mary. I  took up Yoga in 1975 after a high board diving accident when my osteopath advised me it would help overcome injuries to my neck and lower back. 

Over the past 25 years I have worked with individuals from a wide variety of sports.  This experience enables me to pull knowledge from different techniques to suit individual's physical health.

For the last 16 years I have specialised in Pilates and using the technique has allowed me to stabilise my condition. I can therefore speak personally about the benefits of Pilates. It has improved my life. I am a firm believer in educating my clients and like nothing more than passing on my knowledge and passion, helping others to help themselves.

I have brought my extensive experience in an integrated approach to Pilates and am fascinated by the health benefits of low impact exercise. Pilates creates a balance in the body, thus integrating the nervous system into the Biomechanical Model. 

My style is straight forward, practical and fun, whether you want to improve your sports performance or general health. I enjoy giving lessons but love giving one to one and semi private sessions when I can focus on individual clients and tailor exercises to suit them.

I have worked for many organisations including the Marriott Hotel Health Club, Leisureplan, and the College of Surgeons. I have clients referred to me for remedial exercise rehabilitation, weight loss, long term periodisation to help improve their sporting performance and general health.

I am a Yoga Therapist and am registered with Reps, (Register of Exercise Professionals) and Fitness Australia as a Personal Trainer, Gym, Freestyle Instructor, Older Adults Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Teacher.