Pregnancy and Post-natal Pilates


One of the most magical times of your life, remaining active is equally important for you and your baby's health and well-being.  Pilates is an excellent and safe way to exercise during and after pregnancy.  A gentle low impact form of exercise pilates which lends itself well to adaptation for both pregnant and postnatal work, offering a safe and rewarding exercise regime.  Exercises can be adapted at each stage of pregnancy to allow for a gentle or more focused exercise

Studio Pilates

Private and semi private lessons, using pilates equipment are offered daily in our Studio and are very popular sessions.  Enjoy a quality pilates program in our studio specifically designed for YOU and your baby to give optimal results.  

We will keep a track of your pregnancy and give your exercises adapted for YOU.  With our Yoga background, relaxation techniques are an added benefit to your session and meditations for you and  the Bub.  Included also are breathing techniques, optimal foetal positioning, all helping to develop skill useful during labour.  This combined approach increases body awareness which is vital during and after pregnancy when the body constantly changes and adapts. 

The changes in the body can sometimes lead to aches and pain.  Practising Pilates and working with Yoga will help train the muscles which support and protect  against such problems will also develop skill useful for the birth.

The Combo chair in our studio is especially useful piece of apparatus at this time as it enables foot work to be done in a sitting rather than supine position.  Being in the upright position is better for mum and requires activation of the trunk stabiliser closely simulating everyday movements. 

Pilates in Pregnancy

During pregnancy a women’s posture changes dramatically in response to the growing baby. The body’s core muscles are weakened and this can cause imbalances and misalignment leading to back pain.

Pilates works from the inside out, increasing deep abdominal strength and pelvic floor thus providing support for the uterus and baby. A strong cores acts like a splint for the spine helping to control pelvic tilt. Strong toned muscles are less likely to separate severely and if separation does occur, the muscles will realign more quickly.

Pilates will not only help support and stabilise the body allowing for an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.  It also aids relaxation,  whilst preparing and energising the body as it adapts and changes during and after pregnancy.

Unless already in a pilates class it is advisable to have One 2 One Studio Pilates session/s .

Post-Natal Pilates

The body undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy and pilates is an excellent excercise regime to get back into shape in a safe enviroment.  

Pilates will not place strain on the joints or back.  Our focus is on strengthening the back pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.  Assisting mum in knowing how to wake up their pelvic floor and deal with abdominal seperation.  Re-educating the body changing the way you think about your posture, learn techniques with posture while carrying, breastfeeding and lifting baby. 

Whatever you level of fitness this is the best time to help your body regain its shape and tone and restrengthen muscles you have stretched.