Studio Pilates

A Pilates Studio is a very special kind of place.  Work in the privacy of fully equiped boutique studio, a  tranquil space to stretch your body and rest your mind, a nourishing fun environment, with a high degree of quality supervision and faster results. 

Sessions last 75 minutes and include pilates  floor work with exercises on specially designed pilates equipment and myofascial release to give you the best results possible.  

Our philosophy  is different from many other studios as we work on a philosophy of client education as opposed to instruction.  We value evidence based excercise therapy and research and by sharing our knowledge you will put yourself in a position to get the most out of your body, improves it's appearance and help it last well through out your life. 

Studio lessons are recommended for all clients attending pilates for rehabilitation or joint injuries and anyone who wants the benefits of a sports, or individual attention.  Focus is on providing quality programming as you are taken through a range of Pilates moves that have been thoughtfully planned  to meet your needs,  goals or injury. 

Pilates, Studio equipment is completely different from the excercise machines that you ight find in a gym.  The unique range of equipment was originally designed by Joseph Pilates for people recovering from illness and injury and has been adapted and developed over the years for the benefit of everyone.  

Pilate's equipment is based on resistance springs trather than weight and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.  We use the best available Pilates equipment by Balanced Body, favoured amongst Pilates professionals for their superior adaptablitiy, versatility and craftsmanship.  The units feature are full sized and easily adjustment to accomodate different height and abilities.

The Reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance, using spring and pulley system, the routines,  stretch,  pull, lengthen and soften the body generating smooth muscular contractions that develope strength without building bulky muscles in the process. The Half Trapeze offers stretches that cannot be duplicated, The Tower provides a wide range of upright excercises particularly useful for improving posture and balance,  the Combo Chair is a very functional piece of equipment and the Spine Corrector is an exceptional tool for strengthening the back.  Each piece of apparatus, has endless different Pilates excercises and potential to work the body in every range of motion, helping  you to work effectively and evenly on your alignment, developing greater strength, support and improved balance.

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