Studio Pilates

Studio Lessons are highly personalised.  Each session combines work on specially designed Pilates equipment and mat repertoire to give you a uniquely tailored workout, leaving your body with a sense of ease.  

Working in the privacy of our fully equipped boutique studio, using The Reformer, Half Trap, Tower, Combo Chair etc. where the focus is on YOU.  We offer a range of matwork and studio pilates, taught One2One or semi private lessons with 1-4 students.  for men, women, couples and friends to give you the best results possible.

  • One 2 One – The name says it all, it's your personalised training and can be scheduled to suit your requirements wherever possible.  Personal session ensures that you achieve maximum benefit in minimum time, as we ensure that every excercise is carried out properly for maximum effect. The focus is on You, your goals. Ideal if you prefer individual attention, have limited time, or have injuries. 
  • Matwork Classes – are available in the studio for up to 5 people. Each session is structured to your goals and abilities.
  • Circuits – for up to 7, combining a variety of machines and floor work.
 We continually evaluate, adapt and offer motivation and support, to maximise the quality of your instruction. Working with a friend or other you can split the costs whilst still enjoying the benefits of quality instruction.