"You're only as Young as your Spine"  Bob Harper

What we typically call natural aging seems inevitable, but it is not.  We are only as young as our spine is flexible. If we can keep our eyes on how our body moves and works naturally, we will have keys to anti-aging and healthy longevity.  Our core muscles affect the support of the spine, posture and the way we move.

Pilates is ideal for Seniors.  It is effective in addressing the aches and pain that you didn't have when you were younger and is a progressive exercise system that puts you back in touch with your body and mind.  There is no age barrier, you work at your own pace. The most noticeable improvements appear in balance, flexibility, mobility, posture, upper and lower body strength. With participants recording less incidence of back and shoulder pain.

Better strength, particularly core strength, improves balance.  Improved balance can help you avoid injuries from falls and keep you independent and mobile.  Improved posture makes you look younger and feel more self confident.  Flexibility keeps you supple and mobile,  improving circulation within the body, blood, oxygen, endocrine, lymph  and pumps those happy hormones through your body.   A good exercise regime works emotionally and mentally, helps you to sleep better and improve your quality of life.   In time you will feel more confident in the correct execution of daily activities an ease of movement in mind and body.

My oldest client is over 80 years ........

Mary has the Older Adults Trainer qualifications and Rehab Trainer Course with Fitness Australia and is Registered as a Level Three Senior instructor.  She completed the Pilates Institute, Seniors Course and  Remedial Pilates at Thomas Thomas Hopsital in London.