One 2 One, Studio Pilates & Bodywork

One 2 One training is available in our Pilates Studio,  a unique experience where you will benefit from undivided attention throughout.

These private sessions can be scheduled to suit your requirements wherever possible.   Your own classes are customised to your personal fitness requirements whether they are rehabilitation, maintenance or developent.  

Personal tutition ensurers that you achieve maximum befefit in minimum time as we ensure that every excercise is carried out properly for maximum effect  The initial session includes an assessment of posture, core stability, and current movement abilities.  

In the Individual sessions the focus on YOU.   We can do Bodywork, Pilates or a mix of both.  A program is especially designed for your own posture type, goals, injuries.   Using the Reformer, Combo Chair, Half Trap etc., we make sure every exercise is carried out properly, refining technique, we continually evaluate, adapt and offer motivation and support, to maximise the quality of your instruction.  

Working in our private pilates studio is a wonderful way to explore your body, posture and movement patterns under the guidance of your own personal instructor.  Sessions consist of specifically chosen exercise designed to suit your individual situation and combine matwork with excercises on the Pilates Studio Equipment and myofascial release.

One 2 One are ideal if you have limited time or would like to :
       •   To have a tailored home program created for you.
       •   Start pilates to help with rehabilitation.
       •  Identify  and improve your muscles imbalance or postural issues.
       •   Obtain functional strength and flexibility for your sports or daily activities.
       •   To gain confidence before joining a class.
       •    If you cannot lie downon a mat on the floor.
       •    For Pre and Post Natal.   
       •    Or you may simply prefer to work in private.
One 2 One Studio Pilates training session can be arranged around your schedule.  Book an initial consultation, includes postural assessment.