Holiday Pilates Matwork or Reformer

Work in the nourishing, supportive fun environment of our boutique Pilates Studio or your own venue, we provide quality instruction. Our clients come back regularly from Perth, Sydney etc as we offer great pilates whenever and wherever you want.  Pilates gently and effectively addresses a full range of posture, pain and general fitness challenges.   Whether you are Dunsborough for a short stay or have a holiday home you visit regularly stay, in shape on holiday / return from holiday fitter, healthier than you started / try something new/ feel the balance returning to your life and stress reducing effects of your holistic session. 

Whether you want to learn pilates for the first time or if you have practised for years and want to develop a more personalised program, refine technique or work on a specific movement.  We focus on your body, posture and movement to provide quality programming and instruction specifically chosen to suit your body and goals.  If you want to tone, obtain functional strength and flexibility specific to your sport, or hobby, maintain your health or just to feel better, we can help. We modify for those who need it and start with the basics.  

Book your sessions in advance, you may choose one or two sessions a week. Some people like to book one or two weeks of intensive pilates, whilst others prefer classes on consecutive days, of their holidays.

 If you know you are coming on holiday, book your sessions in advance and we will do all we can to accommodate you. The more notice you give the more time options are available. 
Custom your sessions. Let me know what you are looking for.  We use the bet available Pilate equipment, by Balanced body.  Our fully equiped Pilates Studio, contains Reformer, Half Trapeze, Tower, Combo Chair, Spine Corrector etc.. Each piece of apparatus, has endless potential to work the body in every range of motion, helping  you to work effectively and evenly on your alignment, developing greater strength, support and improved balance.
Come and have a go.