Group (Matwork) Class

I offer a complete range of matwork classes and regular beginner courses.  Clients with previous pilates mat or reformer experience can go directly into the class of their choice, so long as there is availability.  Call me to discuss which class would be appropriate for you.

My small and friendly classes allow me to provide individual guidance wherever necessary.  Numbers are limited to allow for individual attention and correction and each class and indeed each individual exercise is planned and executed for each class member as each person in the class has a different background and fitness.  This helps individuals develop a better understanding and performance of the excercise and allows progression.

The focus is on correct technique for both body conditioning and relaxation, I  layer  the moves so that you can work at a level that suits you best on the day. 

I often encourage people to feel for differences and changes in their body.  Whenever we do somethign new I take time for people to discover the new excercises for themselves.  I also re-visit excercises and put a difference emphasis on them, again encouraging to feel differences.  As its through feeling the differences that the body learns.

Matwork sessions are ideal for people who prefer the social dynamic and energy of a group class.  Our classes are a mix of exercises for strength, toning, flexibility, awarenss and I often use small props like balls, foam roller, therabands, etc. to add challenge and variety.  I work with imagery and touch. and use hands on guidance and touch to help you connect areas of the body that perhaps have become kinaesthetically unresponsive or simply stuck in their way. 

Classes run as courses (blocks of 8+ weekly sessions roughly running with school terms).  Each class last 60 minutes and will progressively advance with the course.  Places on the courses must be booked in advance and payment is due on the first session or before.  There are no refunds for missed clsses but I do offer catch-up classes wherever possible.

Contact Mary for availability / booking.