Combine the fun of circuits with Pilates. Maximum 7 people using a, variety of machines, small apparatus and floor work. 

Professional dancers have used pilates apparatus for decades. Top athletes, including tennis players, golfers, gymnasts and boxers use it to strengthen their muscles, improve flexibility and prevent injury. Celebrities and supermodels use the equipment to strengthen and improve their muscles.

The Machines used include the Reformer which provides finely tuned exercise resistance, using spring and pulley system. This lengthen and soften the body without building bulky muscles in the process. The Half Trapeze offers wonderful stretches that cannot be duplicated the Combo Chair is a very functional piece of equipment and the Spine Corrector is an exceptional tool for strengthening the back.  Each piece of apparatus, has endless potential to work the body in every range of motion, helping  you to work effectively and evenly on your alignment, developing greater strength, support and improved balance. Small apparatus include the Balls (small & large), Foam Roller, Magic Circle, (Isotoner), Therabands, Toning Balls etc. 

Ring or moe details, come and have a go.