Beginners, Refresher

The Beginners Matwork Pilates Course  is a  friendly and encouraging introduction to the basic principle and fundamentals of Pilates.  It is a step by step course, suitable for people new to pilates and also a great way to revisit the  basics and get back into it.  Learning correct techniques in a safe fun environment, you will feel the tremendous benefits of precise exercises in your own body. The course teaches basic Pilates exercises incorporating rehab-type exercise for core stability and motor control and includes:

     How to Set up Neutral pelvic alignment

     How to find and activate your core deep abdominals

     The training breath

     Body awareness and stretching  

 Numbers are limited  to ensure each person has quality instruction and is performing the movements correctly. 

Make Up Your Own Course:  If you have a group of friends, or colleagues who are interested in learning pilates correctly why not start your own group.  I am happy to accomodate a new group at the Studio, depending on availablity in my timetable.

Choose to Learn Pilates One2One at our Studio:  If you don’t have time for a full beginner course, if you have an injury or would prefer more individual attention, choose a One 2 One in our Studio.   You will use the Reformer and other apparatus to help form an awareness of your own body's strengths and weaknesses.  We will guide you to determine if you require more private classes or if you are ready to progress to semi-private or group sessions.  It is a decision we can make together, often people can join a class after just one or two One 2 One's.

Whether you decide to join a Group, make up your own small Class or do One2One's you can be assured you will learn core stability principles and feel the tremendous benefits of base exercises in your own body.

 I hold a waiting list for beginners courses.  Contact me to let me know if you want to be on this list and whether you want a daytime or evening class.  For other courses I may have spaces so please do contact me to find out.