Yoga Lessons

If Yoga has been on you “to do” list, but you have never got around to it or if you forgot that you once loved it, let Mary (re)inspire you, in one of her holistic Yoga Classes.  We offer group matwork at the NCC and private yoga sessions in our fully equipped studio. A chance to regain control of your body and awaken its full movement potential. Restore strength, balance and flexibility. Once balance is achieved health and vitality occur naturally and spontaneously in mind body and spirit. This is the intention of all practice, to get closer to health and well being, which is What’s Inside Us.

Privates and Small Group Sessions

If you are interested in having some One 2 One yoga sessions or for a small group of friends? We offer a wide range of options for private or small group sessions, including:

One 2 One

For rehabilitation or just for you a private session is designed for individual needs for healing and wellbeing. It is also a great way to either assist in developing a home practice or to further enhance your current home practice adapted to your body type. You can request a restorative session, great if you are tired or stressed. Learn how to let go of stress, anxiety and worry to live a more harmonious life.
Yoga was originally always taught guru to student. It is a great opportunity to address the needs of your own body fully so you can get the most out of your regular classes. You also get to ask those questions you never get the chance to ask in a group situation.

Semi-Private - Two 2 One / Three 2 One /Four 2 One

For those of you who would like to have a small group class. A private class can be a lovely shared activity with your family or friends.  Because it’s your class, let us know what level you would like and if you have specific needs, wants or goals for your personalised session. You may even decide to make a shared practice together a regular event.

Group (Matwork) Class

Our style is gentle, nurturing and supportive. It is enjoyable to practise, suitable for all ages body types and fitness levels. Instructions given in the classes are based on experiences with the classical yoga tradition.
Both dynamic and static movements are performed with emphasis placed on awareness of the breath. Postures are done slowly and smoothly and students are encourages to observe their bodies and to playfully, safely explore their boundaries with attention to correct technique and alignment in asana. The combination of hard work and deep practice has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, thus helping to maintain:
  • Fitness, suppleness and muscle tone
  • Energise both body and mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen the body’s own self healing powers
  • Control and calm the mind.
Every class includes relaxation, breathing and yoga poses and emphasises the release of tensions in the body. Releasing deep tension in the muscles promotes the process of healing and transformation on all levels, physical, mention, emotional and spiritual. Working with visualisation and meditation, to work, relax and sleep more deeply.

Pregnancy and Post-natal

Yoga can help prepare expectant mums physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and can help alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy such as backache, indigestion and sciatica. Classes incorporates gentle stretching, pelvic floor exercises, optimal foetal position, relaxation and meditation techniques to enhance you and your baby’s well being.  
Modifications are provided for each trimester. No previous experience is necessary.
Post-natal classes provide time for mums to focus their attention on themselves for part of the day, especially when it comes to their health and physical wellbeing.


There is no age barrier. Tendons shrink and joints become stiff over time causing the loss of flexibility and mobility.   Yoga helps slow the ageing process helping maintain suppleness, building muscle mass and strength. The most noticeable improvements appear in balance, flexibility, mobility, upper and lower body strength. 

Corporate Clients

We provide corporate Relaxation, Meditation, Asana and Mindfulness classes. Research has shown that when employees are content, productively increases. Bringing yoga to your workspace creates the nice realisation that wellness and work can come together Greater wellbeing equates to less absenteeism, greater staff retention, loyalty and a positive working environment.
Why not use us as a one hour workshop, part of a staff retreat, conferences / or Spa Break. We have clients that book for the following year. Classes can be held in your own space or by arrangement in the studio
We can fit in with your conference. This could be first thing in the morning, midday break or at the end of the day. Yoga provides the opportunity to stretch and is good for concentration, relaxation, mental and physical health. Your delegates will feel cared for.
Offering your clients free classes improves the atmosphere and is an extra incentive and make for happier customers
All classes can be designed for your requirement, relaxation, general well being, and can be modified for your delegates (e.g. RS1, pre-postnatal, shoulder, wrist issues. I’m sure you will find our professional reputation to be exactly what your organisation is looking for.


Take some time out for you and be kind to yourself / Stay in shape on holiday / Return from holiday fitter than you started / feel the stress reducing effects of your session / Enjoy yourself. For men, women, couples friends. 
Give yourself an opportunity to refresh yourself and break out of established patterns with an inspiring experience that can change the way you see yourself and your purpose.
If you want to learn yoga for the first time, establish or develop your practice, I can help. I modify for those who need it and start with the basics. 

Meditation / Yoga Nidra

Refers to yogic sleep and has been practised for millennia. It is an effective relaxation technique to remove tension and achieve a deep psychological and physiological relaxation. It helps to provide full body relaxation as well as enhancing deep meditative state of awareness.
It is very beneficial to overcome stress related disorders and physical problems, such as insomnia, tension, depression, asthma and digestive disorders.
Give yourself the opportunity to experience full body relaxation, whilst enhacing deep meditative state of awareness. Guilded yoga nidra available at the studio or your venue. 
“What is more important than where we are standing on the path is the direction we are looking.” ( Swami Jnaneshvara).